The organisers of a new Glenorchy cycle race hope it leads to something much bigger for the township in the near future.

The Glenorchy Gravel Grind takes place on October 14.

It’ll have two separate head-of-the-lake events: a 160km ride and a more family-friendly 37km.

Co-organiser Katherine Cahill says they’re expecting about 100 riders to participate in the inaugural race.

‘‘Gravel riding is really taking off, it’s a mixture of road cycling and mountain biking, and this is one of the best scenic routes in the country,’’ Cahill says.

‘‘We’re really looking forward to people participating in it, and we hope it becomes part of the touring circuit.’’

Cahill says the event, which is run by the Glenorchy Trails Trust, will be the start of something bigger.

‘‘In the bigger picture, we’re looking to raise money for a Glenorchy to Queenstown trail.’’

‘‘This event is to get the idea out there.

‘‘Glenorchy has a history of pioneering achievements, and we believe that just as a road was built in 1962, our goal is to build community and visitor trails leading to Glenorchy, Kinloch, Paradise, Routeburn, Dart and Rees valleys.’’

Gravel riders can reach average speeds of 30kmh, she says.

‘‘This ride could become a tick in the box for many people, and it should hopefully bring a lot of visitors to the town.

‘‘You’ve got an adventure component to gravel riding, some riders are really keen to get amongst the nature.’’

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