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Mountain Scene is Queenstown’s longest running, most read and most loved newspaper. One of New Zealand’s most awarded community newspapers for its strong journalism content and creative tailor-made advertising solutions.

The local’s first choice for news and information. The weekly read Queenstowner’s love to hate but look forward to every Thursday. Mountain Scene tackles local issues head on dominating the Queenstown media battle ground.

Queenstown’s a fun and exciting place to visit and live. Rich with history, culture, adrenalin and excitement – New Zealand’s adventure playground. Mountain Scene covers it all blow by blow across the various multi-media platforms commonly used today. Print, online, mobile, and social media are all part of the offering.

Local news, reviews, public opinion, scandal & gossip, entertainment and gigs, jobs, adventure activities, shops & services and much more.

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Sales Manager – | 021 197 2904

Account Manager – | 021 916 525

Hardhitting Content

• Canon Best Community Newspaper Winner 2015
• Canon Best Community Reporter, Frank Marvin 2015
• NZCNA Overall Best Newspaper 2015
• NZCNA Best All-Round Newspaper – 15,000+ copies 2015
• NZCNA Best Senior News Journalist, Frank Marvin 2015
• NZCNA Runner-up Best Senior News Journalist, Scoop 2015
• NZCNA Runner-up Best Advertising Feature/Supplement 2015
• NZCNA Newspaper of the Year 2009 and 2012
• Exclusive News Policy

Judge’s Comments

“A brassy, in-your-face tabloid with a free spirit that is unusual in the New Zealand community newspaper landscape.”

Most Critical Mass

• 16,500 copies in circulation
• Delivered to Wakatipu Basin and street boxes in CBD, Arrowtown, Wanaka, Cromwell and Alexandra

Locals First Choice

“Choosing my advertising medium was a huge decision. I chose Mountain Scene because of its reputation, look and engagement with the local community. I get a huge amount of support and advice, their knowledge of the market means their advice is specific – invaluable for someone new to the area. Carefully constructed and well designed adverts are effective in increasing my brand awareness. People don’t always need an osteopath, but when they do they’ll know who to call. It is great for driving word of mouth referrals. I look forward to a long and happy working relationship with the paper.” –  Michelle, Queenstown Treatment Providers

Contact Martin Cheifetz & Matt Scarpato

Sales Manger – | 021 197 2904

Account Manager – | 021 916 525