Though a bus stop’s no longer there, ‘Central Camp St’, outside the O’Connells building, returned to top spot in Colliers’ 20th annual Queenstown CBD pedestrian count.

This spot was third in last year’s count behind both sides of ‘West Rees St’ — this year they’re 3rd (the Ugg premises) and 6th (Kathmandu), respectively.

Overall pedestrian numbers — counted one day last month at 10am, 3pm and 8pm — were 1.5% down on last year, but 2023’s number was 285% ahead of Covid-era 2022.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 3pm was the busiest time and 8pm the quietest.

Of note, ‘Central Rees St’ (Tommy Hilfiger/Calvin Klein) saw a 60% increase in foot traffic, jumping from 18th place to 5th.

‘‘This could be due to the end of roadworks in the area, making it more accessible to pedestrians, and gentrification of retail offerings,’’ local Colliers valuation and advisory director Heather Beard says.

‘Upper Brecon St’, outside Bespoke Kitchen, saw a 33.6% increase to move into 8th.

Beard comments: ‘‘A number of our [foot traffic] counters noted how many people were on the street at 8pm, however, the majority of retail premises are not open for business at this time any more.

‘‘This is potentially a missed opportunity with the number of people interested in shopping before/after dinner reservations.’’

Steamer Wharf’s 8pm count was also up, with many dining options around this location.

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