Ramadan will be celebrated tonight in a cultural extravaganza at MyFundAction Youth Development Centre NZ (MYDC).

MYDC — a not-for-profit organisation established to support Queenstown’s Islam community — is opening its doors to local organisations and businesses to celebrate Ramadan at a multicultural dinner, sponsored by Mrs Ferg’s Bakery, Turkish Kebabs of Queenstown, Bed, Bath & Beyond and the Komunal Cafe.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, and the holy month of fasting, beginning and ending with the crescent moon.

The dinner will see 50 people listen to four speakers discuss Islam and Ramadan, and provide an opportunity to ask any questions about
the culture.

They’ll participate in Iftar — the traditional breaking of the Ramadan fast, with dates and cold food — after which there’ll be a hot dinner, including dishes from different regions and cultures that practise Islamic faith and participate in Ramadan.

MYDC coordinator Catherine Doye says tonight’s event will also spread awareness of Islam/Muslim practices, ‘‘and is all about education’’.

Throughout Ramadan, MYDC has supported its members by hosting daily Iftar, providing a place for people to prepare meals together and
discuss their faith in a casual, intimate group environment.

A similar event was hosted last year.

‘‘Everyone that came enjoyed it and learned a lot,’’ Doye says.

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