Bigger spoke in Inner Wheel

Queenstowner Alyssandra Skerrett’s been voted on to the international governing body of women’s service organisation Inner Wheel.

In 2022/’23 she was president of Inner Wheel New Zealand (IWNZ) following stints as both Invercargill and Queenstown club president and then southern district chair.

Her nomination for International Inner Wheel’s board was endorsed by IWNZ, and out of 20 nominees she was one of 16 elected — by 4000-plus clubs — for the year commencing July 1.

Skerrett says NZ’s lucky its nominees for the governing body have all been elected, ‘‘so we’re crossing our fingers and hoping the tradition continues’’.

Apart from attending one meeting in October in Manchester, England, where the organisation was founded in 1924, she’ll Zoom in for all other meetings, which are held on a rotating time schedule.

Separately, Skerrett’s also going to Manchester next month for centenary celebrations and a three-yearly convention.

She says Inner World supports charities throughout the world but with a particular focus in areas where women and girls face discrimination.

‘‘In some countries, they’re the ones who don’t get education and things like that, so that’s where Inner Wheel will step up.’’

She quotes international president Trish Douglas: ‘‘When over 100,000 members prevail with one passion, the results can create change across nations and for generations.’’

Skerrett: ‘‘I love this quote, as when we work together, our results are significant globally because each of our member’s actions has a compounding impact.’’

Cited for good works

Inner Wheel Queenstown’s one of only 10 out of 40 NZ Inner Wheels to receive an international president’s citation for activities ‘‘that have significantly improved the lives of marginalised individuals within our community’’.

In the 2022-23 year the club supported Breast Cancer Foundation, CanShop, Central Lakes Family Centre, Cyclone Gabrielle Appeal, Meals on Wheels, Murihuku Young Parents Learning and Hospice.

Members provided 630 hours of voluntary work and raised $10,000-plus for various appeals and charities.

And they raised another $5800 collecting on behalf of Daffodil Day, Heart Foundation and Pink Ribbon Day appeals.

Meanwhile, district chair, Queenstown’s Monica P Mulholland, received a citation with distinction.

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