When Auckland-based mother of two, Olivia, recounts the first time she heard Chairman Man-hee Lee speak, she said she was shocked by the reception he gained by the audience that cheered enthusiastically for him.

“But then I understood because I felt like the purpose of the Bible and the hope of my faith became more clear,” she says. 

“I am so grateful to have come across that seminar in what seemed like a random event initially.

“I can honestly say that was the beginning of me having true faith.

“I know the Chairman’s message would appeal to so many other New Zealanders too, I am glad to have an opportunity to share about this.”  

There are countless stories like Olivia’s and audiences in the hundreds across New Zealand are following the Chairman’s seminars enthusiastically online.  

“It’s the depth of content that’s being shared and how it’s being delivered.

“Despite his age, the Chairman speaks with energy and conviction that inspire all who listen,” Olivia shares. 

“This testimony for the churches”  

At 93-years-old, Man-hee Lee is the very active Chairman of New Heaven and New Earth Church of Jesus, Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (also known as Shincheonji when translated into Korean).

Among his many religious and peace initiatives, he has begun the “2024 Shincheonji Bible Seminars by Continent” tour in the Asian continent of the Philippines. 

Chairman Lee declares about himself: “It is the mission of this person (the Chairman) to convey what has been seen and heard (of the events of Revelation chapters 1 to 22). What I have seen and heard, what I have touched and what exists in reality, that is what I am here to share with you. Now is not the time to say anything and simply agree with ‘Amen’. You need to know the times. This is the era in which the promises have been fulfilled.”  

Due to the explosive response and earnest requests from numerous pastors and believers worldwide, Chairman Lee will travel throughout all the continents throughout the year beginning in Asia, then moving to Europe, Africa, America, Oceania, and completing the full circle tour by ending back in Asia.

The seminars will be attended by thousands in-person each time, and will also be live streamed in multiple languages on YouTube for anyone around the world to watch too.  

“To enter heaven, one must verify the reality and be sealed” 

At the Philippines seminar on April 20, Chairman Lee declared: “The world is in deep sleep, not knowing whether the book of Revelation from God is being fulfilled or not,” and asserted, “more than half of Revelation has already been fulfilled.”

He stressed: “Revelation includes a beast with seven heads and ten horns, and also seven stars. It’s about understanding what people actually appear”, and reiterated that “when God records the appearance of these people, it is so that today they may be seen, heard, and believed.” 

Referring to Revelation 22:18-19, Chairman Lee repeatedly emphasised that one cannot enter heaven if they add to or take away from the Book of Revelation.

In doing so, he awakened a sense of urgency in faith by saying, “one must know everything without leaving anything out”.

“Even if you know everything, it is difficult to put it into practice, and if you do not know, you will lose hope.” 

Chairman Lee also said that if one desires heaven and eternal life, they must go to the ends of the earth if necessary to find out whether it is a reality fulfilled according to the Bible.

Chairman Lee stressed: “Faith is not something you do for the sake of making money”, and “it’s not the time to have faith with the old mentality. One must verify. After verifying, one must decide whether to believe or not.” 

He continued about the importance of engraving the words in one’s heart, becoming a ‘walking Bible’ and the ‘living word.’

He mentioned that those who do so become the sealed ones spoken of in Revelation 7, who are saved.

Chairman Lee declared: “There is no talk of salvation except for the 144,000 who are sealed and the great multitude in white; anyone who is not sealed becomes like a clump of soil, having nothing to do with it. Only those who are sealed can enter the kingdom of heaven.”

He also firmly stated “those who are sealed can live in heaven, have eternal life, and be part of God’s family, but those who are not have no relation to God” .

After being exposed to the words of Shincheonji, numerous other denominations flooded them with requests for exchange, leading to MOUs for word exchange with 443 domestic churches and 9,462 churches in 77 countries overseas.

In particular, after the exchange of words, 1382 churches in 38 countries abroad changed their signs to Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. 

About New Heaven and New Earth, Church of Jesus, New Zealand 

New Heaven and New Earth was established in 1984 in Seoul, South Korea, and has since grown exponentially with branch churches in more than 100 countries throughout the world, with over one million receiving the teachings from New Heaven and New Earth. 

New Heaven and New Earth was established in New Zealand in 2015 with its awareness and membership increasing in size with each year.

There is an explosive growth forecast throughout Oceania. 

Rebecca, a working professional based in Wellington, eagerly wants the positive news about New Heaven and New Earth to be told to New Zealanders.

She stated: “Chairman Lee has seen and heard the events of Revelation from Jesus and was commanded by him to testify to the churches.

“Of course, those who have no interest the Bible will have no interest in what Chairman Lee has to say.

“However, for those who hold to the Bible as the standard of their faith, the message he is sharing will bring the Bible to life for them.

“In the Bible, God made prophecies, and at the time of Revelation, those prophecies must appear and fulfill in reality according to what was written.

“The duty of God’s people is to check and believe in what he fulfills at this time today.

“I know many New Zealanders have been waiting to hear this.” 

To learn more about the “2024 Shincheonji Bible Seminars by Continent”, search YouTube “Shincheonji Church of Jesus” or visit the NZ website: newzealandshincheonji.org 

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