Building, renovating or furnishing your home?

    People continue flooding into Queenstown, snapping up houses and sections at record rates.

    With a larger population, Queenstown’s industrial and retail zones have become a home building and home design mecca.

    Building, renovating, or furnishing a home is one of life’s most intense decisionmaking processes, and it is imperative to assemble the right team of people to design and deliver your dream.

    In our third issue of Homes and Interiors, you’ll find the finest array of products, services, experts, and advisors, all of whom have stock of the products you want and the local staff to deliver and install them!

    Whether you’re looking for a turn-key builder or looking to source individual elements yourself, like floor and wall coverings, kitchens, underfloor heating systems, or joinery, you’ll find inspiration in Homes & Interiors.

    While this feature is titled Homes and Interiors, autumn is an excellent time to start thinking about your outdoor area projects and furnishings for spring.

    Autumn is the time to get your garden in shape, prepare firewood, and buy some beautiful sculptures to enhance your outdoor living areas.

    We hope you enjoy the issue. 

    Please contact us with any comments, questions, or suggestions.

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    Homes & Gardens feature: Publishing September 26, 2024

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