Fast bowler’s change of pace

A Queenstown-raised former fast bowler’s scored the job of running cricket in Dunedin.

Angus Herron, who turned 23 on Sunday, says becoming Dunedin Cricket manager is ‘‘basically the dream job’’.

‘‘I’ve played cricket since I could walk, and once I realised I wasn’t going to be a Black Cap, I hoped there was something I could do in and around cricket.’’

Herron — formerly an under-17 and U19 Otago rep — is very qualified for the job, which he started this month on a part-time basis before going full-time in two months’ time.

He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in marketing and a minor in sport development and management.

And he also worked for Otago Cricket for the past three summers, the first two with their commercial and marketing team and then the past one shadowing the outgoing Dunedin Cricket manager.

‘‘It set me up in a pretty good way to take over his job.’’

Herron says the job entails looking after senior and junior club cricket, age-group cricket and women’s cricket in Dunedin.

‘‘We’ve got quite a few ideas on how we’re going to boost the women’s game.’’

He’s also going to be Otago Cricket’s go-to man for the PlayHQ scoring app which has had some teething problems in recent years.

Herron says he hasn’t played himself for about three years, apart from the odd T20 game for Queenstown’s Kelvin Heights Ducks.

That’s partly because his recent summer roles took out quite a few Saturdays.

Also, a back injury he’d had since he was about 16 flared up again a few years back.

And from now he’ll be busy enough in his new job.

‘‘There’s certainly a hell of a lot to get my head around.

‘‘I can’t wait to get stuck into it and hopefully get Dunedin cricket back on the map, I guess.’’

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