Don’t be alarmed if you see some strange goings-on in the Queenstown Gardens this weekend.

The talented crew from the Remarkable Theatre company are putting the finishing touches on their 15th show, Sitcom Insanity, which, according to self-described ‘‘introverted extrovert’’ Jane Robertson, will see the cast ‘‘doing odd things’’ all over the place.

In the past, Remarkable Theatre’s tackled everything from Shakespeare to British comedy and pantomime, but this time Robertson says it’s a homage to the great American sitcom.

The 90-minute shows will take audiences on a nostalgic journey through some of the most beloved TV sitcoms, comprising more than 20 scenes from the likes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Cheers, M*A*S*H and Get Smart.

Robertson, who’s been involved in all 15 shows, says the performers prepare the material themselves, based on short extracts from original comedies.

They won’t be attempting accents, though, because the local thespians come from all over the world.

‘‘The audience will see a lot of different situations being acted out, for example an actor puts on a mask and ends up numbing their face, another in the role of a chef cuts himself and there’s a lot of blood — not real!”

In all, there are 25 actors taking part this year, including a few easily-recognisable veterans and a few newbies.

Most play at least two parts each, while shows are staged in different parts of the Gardens to make the most of nature’s spectacular backdrop.

Robertson says there’ll be a lot of ‘‘physical comedy’’ this year, and something for everyone.

For the fourth time, Victoria Keating’s in the director’s chair, making her Remarkable Theatre’s most prolific director.

‘‘She always brings wonderful energy, enthusiasm and inventiveness to what we’re doing,’’ Robertson says.

The company’s also grateful to Queenstown’s council for allowing them to use the Gardens every year — ‘‘we’re very lucky … we do have to turn off the fountain, because of the noise, and put up a tent’’ — and notes there’s no need to book, or purchase a ticket, despite no incoming funding to stage the shows.

Robertson says anyone can come along, with koha appreciated from those who can afford it.

This weekends’ performances will start at the band rotunda and then move through the space, though Robertson says there’s not too far
to go, so people can easily carry portable chairs with them.

Remarkable Theatre’s Sitcom Insanity, Queenstown Gardens, tonight, 6pm, tomorrow and Sunday, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm

[email protected]

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