Gifted Christchurch-based singer-songwriter Amiria Grenell’s renowned for her crystalline voice as much as her country/folk music lineage.

The daughter of legendary performer John Grenell (formerly John Hore) is headed to Queenstown’s Sherwood for an intimate live show tomorrow, celebrating the release of her fourth album, The Winter Light.

It was three-and-a-half years in the making, the delays caused in part by the pandemic, and the passing of her famous dad from a heart attack in July, 2022.

‘‘It’s amazing to get the songs out, ’cos it’s been so long,’’ she says.

She pays particular credit to Christchurch multi-instrumentalist Ryan Fisherman, with whom she collaborated on the album, and who’s playing with her on the tour, who was ‘‘so patient with me’’.

‘‘Ryan’s one of the my best friends.

‘‘If I worked for someone else, the whole thing would’ve probably fallen over.’’

Grenell says it was a blessing to grow up on a Canterbury farm with her music-focused parents running festivals.

She recalls being visited by a family friend when she was 10 years old and being taught basic guitar chords.

After that, she started writing songs and by the time she was 14 she was performing publicly.

Her three brothers, Denver, Redford and Oakley, are all musical — the latter played on her latest record.

Grenell’s music is emotive, powerful and honest and her songs are often described as ‘ethereal’.

She likes the tag.

‘‘I’m a sensitive soul and when I’m writing about personal issues, I have cried quite a few times.

‘‘I have to come back another day to finish it.’’

The urge to write often hits late at night, when her teenage daughter, Sienna, is asleep.

‘‘Sienna also plays guitar and sings, but right now she’s into hip hop dancing, she’s so good at it.’’

The teen’s also on the new album, singing on the choruses for the song Mother Daughter, along with former Arrowtowner Holly

Arrowsmith and Grenell are good friends; the pair sing country songs in a duo called Coyote and are looking at putting out an EP
next year.

Amiria Grenell — Album Release Tour, Sherwood, tomorrow, 7pm. Tickets $35 via

[email protected]

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