It’s not an insignificant feat.

Despite an incredibly tough economic climate, the purse for this week’s New Zealand Open golf tourney’s jumped up again.

Last year, the prize money totalled $1.7 million, comprising $1.65m for the Open and $50,000 for the NZ Pro-Am championship.

That represented a 17% in crease since the tourney was last played in 2020.

This week’s total purse has gone up to $2m — another 17% jump — $1.86m of that for the Open and, again, $50k for the pro-am.

Additionally, every pro who misses the cut will take home $1000.

Tournament director Michael Glading says the increased purse is entirely attributed to additional commercial revenue, something he says is ‘‘very rewarding’’, given the trading environment.

‘‘It is no secret that sponsorship money’s harder and harder to get, but, equally, I think when you have an event that’s perceived to be highly successful, then people want to be on board.

‘‘Success breeds success … then people will continue to climb on board; if you start putting on poor events, then people will jump off the ship.

‘‘That’s why we work so hard every year to make the event better and better.’’

He notes, though, that’s a ‘‘catch-22’’, given you need money to improve the event, but the money only comes in ‘‘if you’re putting on a good show’’.

The commercial revenue, through event sponsors, along with the $1m in ‘‘pay-to-play revenue’’, courtesy of the 156 amateurs, plus government funding, has also ensured the Open, being held at Millbrook Resort, continues to be free for spectators to attend.

That comes as many other event organisers are charging for the first time, or increasing charges.

But Glading says when they looked at it closely, organisers determined ‘‘spectator revenue was probably the least important’’.

‘‘If we keep generating successful commercial revenue, and we keep getting government support … then we’ll be in a position to continue to do this.’’

The 103rd Open tees off on Thursday and continues till Sunday — live coverage will be available on Sky Sport 6.

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