Figuring it out

An Auckland-based Brazilian artist whose work’s shown in many art capital cities opens an exhibition of figurative works in Queenstown’s Artbay tonight.

Maico Camilo, who’s exhibited in New York, Milan, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and Venice, has produced 20 works for his ‘Living Life in Colour’ exhibition, employing mixed media including gel, acrylic and resin.

He says his figures (pictured) ‘‘represent a whole set of human characters, but it is up to you to interpret what each figure stands for’’.

Camilo says he’s always painted with bright and vivid colours — ‘‘it adds character, emotion and feeling’’.

‘‘It enables people to connect with the works, and the colour is electrifying.’’

He settled in New Zealand in 2005 after coming here to finish his degree in international relations, then setting up a business in IT recruitment.

His exhibition runs till March 31.

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