Destination Queenstown’s gearing up to launch another of its latest projects.

The ‘Love Queenstown’ community fund will be released to the world this tomorrow, as part of DQ’s regenerative tourism strategy — under which the carbon zero 2030 goal is the keystone project.

The community fund platform invites visitors, and the visitor industry, to come together for the benefit of the Whakatipu and its residents.

It’ll facilitate ‘‘visitor give-back’’, financially and in-kind via DQ ‘‘touchpoints’’ and partnered businesses, enabling tourists to be part of the
region’s regenerative future.

Business can display the Love Queenstown material or donation cards at point of sale, and use their online presence to connect customers with opportunities to donate.

They can also incorporate a donation into the cost of a product or service.

It’s being delivered and managed in partnership with the Wakatipu Community Foundation, with a portion of all funds raised available for annual disbursement, exclusively within the region, and on environmental, social and cultural impact projects.

It may also support projects that visitors can get involved with.

Love Queenstown is one of 19 projects brainstormed in the destination management plan, and identified as ‘‘essential’’ for year one.

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