Tickets for Luma — Queenstown’s huge annual five-night light, sculptural, performance and music festival in the Gardens at King’s Birthday Weekend — are on sale.

After prices leapt up from $5 to $25 last year, they’re staying the same, though early-bird discounts are available.

Trust chairman Duncan Forsyth says the theme for this year’s event is ‘arborea’, which loosely translates as ‘life in the trees’.

‘‘This year we will build an environment where technology merges with nature in new and unexpected ways.’’

Launched in 2016, Luma attracts about 40,000 people each year.

Forsyth says it’s come a long way and nowadays attracts both nationally- and internationally-renowned artists, in addition to its Luma Emerging Artist Programme (LEAP).

‘‘We are now talking about 55 artists and over 200 volunteers as well as our core crew.

‘‘That all adds up to an insane amount of hours by many to deliver Luma for so little — an event we continue to be exceptionally proud of.’’

Forsyth says ticket prices have remained the same thanks to key partners’ continuing support.

Tickets for the May 30-June 3 event are available via

[email protected]

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