Uni or polytech students can get a taste of jobs on offer in the district this summer through a pilot summer internship programme, organised by InternQL.

Coordinator Karen Murphy, who’s working with Queenstown council’s economic development manager Peter Harris, says she’s on the hunt for keen young people undertaking tertiary study to apply for a paid internship in the Queenstown-Lakes.

Murphy says employers including AccountingPod, Garston Hops, Jones Land Management and Mons Royale, the Alliance, Glenorchy’s Eco Headwaters Lodge and Vivian Espie are offering more than 10 internships across the district, showing there are more careers in the area than frontline tourism.

The pilot’s based on JobDUN, a Dunedin student internship scheme, which had ongoing benefits for about half those who participated, who either gained part-time work or found other opportunities through the scheme, she says.

The programme, the out come of which will be tracked, is supported by council’s Economic Futures team.

Harris, its manager, sees InternIQ as part of the effort needed to diversify the region’s economy.

‘‘Businesses outside tourism and hospitality have told us that they sometimes struggle to recruit because people don’t realise there are great roles here beyond what we are known for.

‘‘InternQL is one step towards opening people’s eyes to the range of opportunities here.’’

Murphy’s keen to hear from any tertiary students keen to know more about the internships available, which will run from about mid-November through to February.

‘‘There was a minimum requirement they have eight weeks, 35 hours a week, but we anticipate most of them will be 10-to-12 weeks, from
late-November through to February, with an expectation they’ll have a couple of weeks off over Christmas and New Year.

‘‘I was an intern a million years ago, which is why it’s such a fun project to work on.

‘‘It’s a great opportunity to get some experience, earn some cash [and] still have a break.

‘‘We have uncovered some really interesting roles with great employers — we want to build the pool of students so that we find the right fit for them and the young person.’’

Anyone interested in an internship can email [email protected]

[email protected]

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