High achievers



Two Queenstown teens have scaled their way into the New Zealand Climbing Youth Team and will compete on the international stage next month.

Azaria Briscoe and Lucy Sinclair, both 16, will represent the country in lead climbing and bouldering, respectively, after consistently chalking up high scores in national competitions.

Coach Diego Moyano says he’s extremely proud of the pair, and given they have only been
competing for a short amount of time, their selection is mind-blowing.







‘‘It is a massive achievement for the girls … they are very humble the way they have taken all this.’’

The girls began climbing recreationally with Moyano eight years ago before he began officially coaching them at the Queenstown Events Centre in 2018.

He says the girls’ talent was immediately recognised on the national circuit, and their progression in the sport has ‘‘put the Whakatipu Basin on the map for climbing’’.

Admission to the youth team is based on rankings from a season of national competitions
— the more podiums, the more points, Moyano says.

‘‘They’ve been selected this year based on their previous scores and they will represent NZ in their first international competition, which is taking place in [June] in Sydney.’’

While Moyano says they’re still coming to grips with making the team, it’s ‘‘sparked the fire
just to work harder’’.

At the La Sportiva Lead and Paraclimbing Champs in Auckland recently, Lucy placed
first and Azaria fourth.