Both emotions and adrenalin will be running high for the next three days as the annual Queenstown Bike Festival concludes with McGazza Fest.

It’s being held once again in memory of legendary local mountain bike pro, Kelly McGarry, who died in February, 2016, aged, 33.

The idea of the mini-fest is for riders to live the weekend how he would have, and in all his favourite local riding spots.

The event comprises:
● Tomorrow, January 26: Mega Train, 5pm, starting by Skyline’s top terminal, short group ride down Queenstown Bike Park’s Hammy’s and Original tracks to Atlas;

● Saturday, January 27: Chainless Race, 10am, Wynyard Bike Park’s McNearly Gnarly; Kids’ Airbag Jam, 2pm, Wynyard Bike Park’s Mini Dream; Dream Jam, 5pm, Wynyard Bike Park’s Big Dream; after-party, 8.30pm, Lone Star;

● Sunday, January 28: Memorial Ride, 11am, group ride from Skyline’s top terminal to Kelly McGarry table, top of Fernhill loop ride; Gorge Rd Jam, 3pm youth, 5pm adults, Gorge Rd Jump Park.

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