Sharyn and Grant Stalker, the developers of Queenstown’s Shotover Country, last week celebrated the last sale in their subdivision with a function for their ‘project control group’.

While their original 800-plus residential sections had sold by 2019, subsequently, under the direction of their son Kristan, there’ve been sales of commercial-zoned land and also land up by the state highway they were initially not allowed to develop.

Sharyn and Grant (second left) are pictured at the function with lawyer Warwick Goldsmith (left) and planner/surveyor Neil McDonald, who spearheaded the five-year process to get Shotover Country’s 202 hectares rezoned from rural to residential.

The first house was built in 2013.

‘‘We had a long process to go through because we did need to fight council,’’ Sharyn says.

The project control group met 332 times between August 4, 2012 and October 22, 2019.

Sharyn says they’re indebted to the group for fulfilling their goal of providing desperately-needed housing for local young people, and especially families.

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