Queenstowner Tim Medland managed to save his skis before his beloved 1997 classic Range Rover was engulfed in flames at Coronet Peak on Tuesday morning.

Medland, pictured with what’s left of his vehicle, was heading up the hill for a few runs and says as he turned left on to the Greengates carpark a guy motioned to him.

‘‘I opened the window to hear, ‘you’ve got sparks under the car’.’’

Medland got to the end of the carpark and turned the engine off — when he got out of the car he was greeted by the sight of smoke, then flames, under the left-front side.

“I had a Basil Fawlty moment trying to judge the next step.

‘‘I got skis, etc, out of the car, and then a fire extinguisher turned up, but by that time things had got out of control.’’

“I loosened the bonnet, but was worried if I opened the hood the rush of oxygen would create a ‘boom’, so I made an Italian-style retreat and got well away.”

NZSki towed a nearby car away before volunteer fireys arrived to douse the flames.

While Medland’s gutted he’s lost his vehicle, ‘‘I’m just glad nobody was hurt and none of the surrounding cars were damaged’’.

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