Operational costs are behind a price bump for NZSki season passes next year.

The ‘super-earlybird’ passes, available till November 1, have jumped from $799 this year to $999 for the 2023 season — from November 2, they’ll go up to $1099.

But, NZSki boss Paul Anderson says there’s a ‘‘$100 loyalty offer’’ on the super-earlybird for 2022 season pass holders wanting to renew for next year.

While that might be a bitter pill to swallow for locals, Anderson says NZSki, like all businesses, is ‘‘facing quite big cost pressures’’.

‘‘We’ve done our best over the past three, four years to keep prices as low as we can … but with the pressure of cost escalation, wage cost pressure, all the equipment we buy, I don’t think people will be surprised to see that prices have increased.

‘‘Every business in town you see will be lifting their prices because of the cost of all the inputs they’ve got going up.

‘‘Inflation was 7.3% last year, it’s showing no signs of abating, the Kiwi dollar seems to be going backwards against a number of other currencies and, of course, that’s where we buy most of our equipment from, is overseas, so we’re facing significant cost pressures.’’

They’ve also had to factor in wage increases, which they’re expecting to go up ‘‘quite significantly’’ next year, and the need to invest in training programmes for staff, and ensuring they have enough staff.

However, Anderson says NZSki’s been the ‘‘lowest season pass in the area’’ for a number of years, and even with the price hike, it still may be.

‘‘Our mates over in Wānaka haven’t released their prices yet, but our pass prices next year [are] the same as their price was last year.’’

He notes people can spread the cost over four interest-free payments, and points out they’ve kept ‘‘a really, really heavily-discounted primary and secondary school price’’.

Super earlybird passes for kids aged 6-15 are $359 next year, with a $30 discount for 2022 pass renewals, or $539 for students, with a $40 discount for renewals, while seniors will pay $439, with a $40 discount for renewals.

Coronet Peak closed last Sunday, while The Remarks will run till October 16, but Anderson says the season’s been ‘‘up with the biggest year we’ve had’’, which was 2018.

‘‘It’ll be at that level.’’

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