Hendo: ‘Didn’t say a thing’

The developer of a proposed industrial subdivision behind Queenstown’s Victoria Flats landfill denies bad-mouthing Wānaka councillor Quentin Smith.

Mountain Scene last week reported Smith texted Dave Henderson (pictured) ‘‘Don’t bother calling next week. You have well and truely burnt this bridge’’, when the latter tried to find out why the councillor had allegedly influenced a committee to reject mediation on his Environment Court appeal.

Smith told Scene he ‘‘ceased engagement’’ with Henderson due to ‘‘inappropriate and incorrect things’’ he’d said about him.

The latter, however, says ‘‘I have never said a thing about him’’.

‘‘He needs to substantiate that or withdraw his claims.’’

Smith also told Scene Henderson hadn’t put his recycling plans into the proposal his committee considered.

Henderson, however, says he ‘‘regularly and constantly updated senior staff and [Smith’s] committee on my resource recovery intentions’’.

Asked this week to respond to Henderson’s claims, Smith says ‘‘I cannot speak to information and discussions I was not party to’’.

‘‘I have no further comment.’’

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