Queenstown’s council’s calling on residents to ‘adopt a worker’ this winter.

It’s the only idea in the long-awaited draft joint housing action plan, or JHAP, which might provide some immediate relief for the resort’s working homeless this winter.

However, it’s contingent on the community buying into it.

The draft plan’s one of six priorities for the Grow Well Whaiora Partnership, which includes reps from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Kāinga Ora and the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust, funded by the council and Kāinga Ora.

The plan includes nine ‘‘solutions’’ to overcome the housing issues the district’s been facing for decades.

About half of the 31 ‘‘key actions’’ refer to ‘investigating’, ‘identifying’, ‘seeking opportunities’, or ‘further exploring’.

Available on Queenstown council’s website, the draft plan will be discussed by councillors at their meeting in Queenstown today.

Provided councillors agree, the draft plan will go out for community feedback on May 1.

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