A controversial plan to rezone 120 hectares of land to accommodate up to 2400 residential units — equating to 10,000 people — at Ladies Mile’s going under the microscope in Queenstown.

The Te Pūtahi Ladies Mile Plan Variation’s subject to a two-week hearing before independent commissioners, at which proposed densities,
traffic implications and potential mitigation, and views of objectors, are being fully canvassed.

The panel — chair David Allen and commissioners Gillian Cowcroft, Hoani Langsbury, Judith Makinson and Ian Munro — has already heard from Queenstown’s council’s team, including planning consultant Jeff Brown, who says the purpose of the variation to the district plan’s to ensure efficient use of the land, on the northern side of State Highway 6, for housing ‘‘within an integrated, well-functioning and self-sustaining urban community’’.

At some point, a primary and secondary school are envisaged on the land.

From today, submitters will have their turn, starting with lawyer Graeme Todd and planner Nick Geddes, Lane Neave and AWS Legal, who’ll speak on behalf of several parties they each represent.

The hearing’s set to continue till next Friday.

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