Hope you don’t have an art attack.

Queenstown’s council confirms a large artwork along the controversial CBD arterial route — comprising 19 etched precast concrete panels —
cost $395,236.

The panels, on a retaining wall between Melbourne and Beetham Sts, below St Joseph’s School, were installed late last year.

The Māori artwork, whose creators include renowned Kiwi singer-songwriter Marlon Williams, comprises intricate designs and phrases referencing local places of significance to Ngāi Tahu.

The cost of manufacturing the panels in Christchurch, including transporting them down, was $265,198 plus GST.

The artwork, including sandblasting on to the panels, was $93,185 plus GST.

And the cost of installation — which involved craning them delicately into position — was $36,853 plus GST.

For those with concerns at the cost, however, it continues to become a smaller percentage of the total cost of the stage one arterial route — aka ‘the road to nowhere’ — every time it goes up.

Last month, councillors approved another $16.65 million cost increase, taking the total budget to $128.02m — of which Crown Infrastructure Partners has provided $50m, thanks to the last government’s shovel-ready funding in response to Covid.

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