Getting the most out of AI marketing

An experienced Queenstown digital marketer is training tourism operators and hospo providers on how to market their businesses using artificial intelligence or AI.

Victoria Ludemann, who’s set up The AI Marketing Club, says businesses are bombarded daily with hundreds of new AI apps which aren’t relevant and specific to them.

With her training, she claims they’ll save time and also money currently spent, for example, on outsourcing images.

On Friday, Ludemann hosted, for free, a three-hour ‘kickstart your AI marketing workshop in 2024’, from 10am.

She’s following that up this coming Tuesday with a 45-minute online presentation, ‘Are you/your marketing staff getting the most out of AI?’, starting 1pm.

Ludemann says it’s predicted within two years 80% of business es will be using AI, and those who don’t risk being left behind.

Her email’s [email protected]

[email protected]

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