Distillery be-gin-ning a sustainable push

Who knew drinking a gin and tonic could be good for the environment?

Multi-award-winning Queenstown distillery Broken Heart Spirits is doing its bit to ensure gin-thusiasts, initially, are enjoying their tipple with a clear conscience, thanks to a New Zealand first, which will create massive wins for their customers, and the environment.

The company, launched in 2012, has developed a fully-recyclable eco-refill pouch, enabling customers to keep their original Broken Heart
bottle — reducing the amount of waste going to landfill/recycling by an estimated 2.3 tonnes — and purchase a refill pouch, containing their spirit of choice, to replenish their stock.

Master distiller Joerg Henkenhaf says the ‘Bottle for Life’ scheme’s launched with the company’s Original Gin, but they plan to offer all their
products ‘‘very soon’’.

The lightweight refill pouches cost less to produce than bottles, enabling the business to pass the 16.5% saving on to customers, and also reduce Broken Heart’s overall carbon footprint.

‘‘Every bottle that’s reused and upcycled helps us reduce our impact on the environment,’’ Henkenhaf says.

‘‘It’s a win-win situation for customers, for us and the planet.’’

The pouches, he says, reduce associated CO2 emissions by more than 95% and enable Broken Heart Spirits, or any bar or restaurant, to store 166% more stock compared to glass bottles using the same shelf space.

Packaging will be reduced by 40%, minimising the need for cardboard.

Customers can return the empty pouch to any soft plastic recycling scheme, direct to the distillery or Gin Garden Tasting Room, at Arthurs Point.

Further, Broken Heart’s partnered with Trees That Count, dedicating funds raised through refill pouch sales to supporting local native tree
planting projects.

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