Xmas skits



It remains to be seen whether the cast of this weekend’s Santa’s Sack will end up on the naughty or nice list this year.

On one hand, the adults-only Christmas show will tread some risque territory, but on the other, it’s been packaged together as a gift for the community to bring the laughs after a ‘‘hard’’ year.

‘‘I think everybody deserves a laugh,’’ performer and organiser Margaret O’Hanlon says.







‘‘We live in a time of total uncertainty at the moment.’’

It was with that intention the show’s been brought back for the first time since 2014 with some familiar faces and others, new.

Queenstown comedian and writer Mike Legge returns alongside Rebeca Barnes — banker by day and singer/comedian by night — as well as Charlottte Graf and vocal impresario, O’Hanlon herself.

‘‘We’re roping in a brand new face and that is Roland Mirabueno,’’ O’Hanlon says.

She points out the name Mirabueno translates to ‘‘good looking’’.

‘‘He’s been on the Remarkably Funny comedy scene for a couple of years now and he, too, has a beautiful voice and is a very funny man.’’

The troupe’s produced a parody-style mix of skits, comedy and music, touching on Covid, climate change, politics, technology, tourism — or lack of — ‘‘[and] just personal things, things that people feel around Christmas time’’.

They’ve even tinkered with the lyrics of some classic Christmas tunes.

O’Hanlon coyly mentions there may be reference to people with a certain fetish for men dressed as Santa — but that’s as much as she’ll give away.

Held at Arrowtown’s The Blue Door, audience members will have the choice of booking a table of four furnished with a Christmas platter and festive drink each, a table for two (with the same fixings) or a seat in the gallery that comes with a drink.

O’Hanlon’s particularly excited about bringing the show to The Blue Door after it proved a successful setting for a new musical series this year, ‘Tiny Concerts,’ showcasing some of Queenstown’s best musical talents.

The team questioned in the early stages whether they would have the time to put this all together, but soon realised there was community appetite for it.

‘‘People want this,’’ O’Hanlon says.

‘‘They’re hanging out for something a little different, a little fun, not taxing, it’s not a long show, it’s like 75 minutes at the most.

‘‘It’s just a really quick, fast way to get in, have a laugh, listen to some songs reworked, so that they’re funny and/or poignant, and then they can carry on.’’

Santa’s Sack, The Blue Door, December 18 & 19, 5pm & 7.30pm. Tickets via bit.ly/3pRaYd9