A WORLD-class night of house music’s on the way for Queenstown to celebrate a dance party institution’s 10th anniversary.

House and techno-focused Electric Rush started out as a one-off party, the brainchild of Barcelona-born Guillem Ribera, aka DJ Ribera.

A decade on, one of the most-revered house DJs on the circuit, Sam Divine, pictured, whose forte’s deep, soulful house, is on her way to perform.

Divine, who started out working in a record shop, took up DJing at 21 — learning to mix in her mum’s garden shed in Bath — and has a long association with Defected Records.

‘‘She’s a big deal,’’ Ribera says.

But Electric Rush has developed such a reputation it’s had almost 300 international artists take part and, on occasion, he’s had to turn some other big names away.

‘‘The overseas agents all know about the event, it’s amazing to see how much it means to people.

‘‘We’re at the bottom of the world, Queenstown’s a real small town, and I do it for the love of it.

‘‘I’m very thankful and proud that we’ve got to its 10th year.’’

Ribera didn’t intend to stay in the resort — he and his Kiwi-born wife had been living in Christchurch and only intended to stay six months.

‘‘Everyone was so friendly and my wife had already lived here so we decided to stay a bit longer.”

Celebrating a decade: Guillem Ribera, aka DJ Ribera,who started Electric Rush 10 years ago

A son, Alex, now 6, a cat and a dog later, they’re still here and their one-off event’s flourishing.

Having worked a variety of hospo jobs before becoming a DJ, Ribera says making money wasn’t the motivator.

‘‘I’ve never been a businessman, it’s not like that.

‘‘It’s more about the party — you’re investing in something you hope people enjoy.

‘‘What I always take out of it is the good vibes; it’s just a bit family — with the artists as well — they’ve been coming for 10 years.’’

The first few Electric Rush events were stressful, with slow ticket sales till the last minute, but they always ended up selling out.

He notes, though, running Electric Rush costs twice what it used to pre-Covid, so he DJs a fair bit to make it stack up financially, but still manages to give what he can back to the community.

‘‘Every Christmas I get local DJs to play, and 100% of takings goes to charity.

‘‘Last year, we gave $6000 to the fire brigade, the year before that [the beneficiary was] Central Lakes Family Services, and we’ve also raised money for the deaf.’’

The 10th anniversary, almost sold out, will feature some extra-special production touches, and an in-house tattoo artist, as well as local and visiting DJs, including Ribera, on the decks.

Electric Rush 10th anniversary featuring Sam Divine (midnight to 2am), Thursday, May 16, 10pm to 4am, The London. Tickets, $20 to $40, via Humanitix

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