It’s a rarity for a singer-songwriter to be able to hot-foot it with some of our biggest stand-up comics.

But Christchurch indie pop darling Jed Parsons has just finished a four-night run at the Auckland Comedy Festival performing his show, ‘A Very Jed Parsons Christmas’.

‘‘The concept is, it’s me, years down the track, trying to break into the Christmas market and singing along to terrible backing tracks.

‘‘The feedback’s been amazing, with other comedians posting about my show.’’

But music is his primary driver and that’s what brings him back to Queenstown’s Sherwood on Wednesday after a three-year break, to trial some new musical material and play some of the classics that people love.

He loves interacting with the audience.

‘‘In this day and age, where people can get entertainment by scrolling 7 second videos online, for me I want something captivating in multiple ways.’’

Acclaimed country singer Mel Parsons is his cousin — he credits her with changing the course of his musical career.

‘‘She’s been my role model,’’ he says.

His parents were huge Neil Diamond fans — he quips he’s been known to bust out Sweet Caroline on occasion.

‘‘The last time I did it was at a Neil Young tribute night in Lyttleton.

‘‘The crowd all shouted, ‘That’s not the right Neil’.’’

Parsons says after having children, his songwriting initially went out the window.

‘‘But I started to sculpt my feelings in a new world in a palatable way.’’

Jed Parsons, Sherwood, 7pm, May 29 (R18). Tickets, $30, via

[email protected]

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