Aussie backs himself


Expect weird folk music from Ben Salter’s gig in Queenstown tonight.

The Aussie is bringing his Back Yourself album launch tour to The Sherwood.

Pin-pointing what genre his music falls into is always a hard question, the muso says.

But he comes to a conclusion for his Queenstown gig: “I guess it’s sort of folk music but it’s pretty weird.”

Salter is a founding member of bands Giants of Science, The Gin Club and The Wilson Pickers.

The latter has been nominated for three Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) music awards.

He’s also released two of his own albums called The Cat and The Stars My Destination.

Salter’s played The Sherwood before and says Aotearoa plays a big part in his song-writing.

“That’s sort of why I keep coming back to New Zealand, because I find the landscape and the people very inspiring.

“So I have a bit of an affinity with the place.”

Salter will be fronting the gig bearing his voice, guitar, tambourine and loop pedal.

Aside from the expense of bringing a band with him to NZ, there’s one other thing that stops him.

“I’m also very lazy when it comes to rehearsals.”

Back Yourself has a similar sound to both of Salter’s other solo albums.

“It’s more of the same but even more extreme — the mellow bits are even more mellow and the heavy bits are even more heavy.”

Generally he says the vibe is pretty chilled at his gigs and when it does get a bit too full-on and emotional he likes to combat that with “stupid jokes between the songs”.

“I try not to take myself too seriously, apart from when I’m doing the songs and I take myself way too seriously.”

Despite being on an album release tour, Salter’s got one foot in the future when it comes to his music.

He’s not sure, exactly, what form his next music release will come in.

But he’s feeling pretty content having dropped three albums with one distinct similarity.

“I always wanted to do three Ben Salter albums mainly because I wanted to use the same font on all three albums.

“It always frustrates me when bands swap [fonts].

“I think that might be a little OCD but now I’ve got my three albums with the same font out of the way, the world’s my oyster.”

Catch Ben Salter playing The Sherwood tonight, 7pm, tickets $12 from Under The Radar