A shambles of a gig


Queenstown-raised Dunedin-based muso Max Gunn is pretty stoked to gig in his home town.

The frontman of The Shambles is playing at The World Bar’s 21st birthday bash Friday night.

It’ll be a chance to reminisce as he used to frequent it when he was 18.

He reckons it was always a bit “loose” and full of young Brits.

“When they asked us to play at the 21st we were stoked because the people there have always been so supportive of music in general. We are hoping people will come down to celebrate what is one of Queenstown’s most iconic bars.

“People can expect a sweaty, bouncy, energetic, eclectic, rad time — a fun show and people will want to groove.”

The 23-year-old will be joined on stage by fellow Kiwis Conor Feehly on drums, Henry Francis on bass and Micah Davis-Rae on guitar.

The foursome met at university.

He started a drum and bass duo with Feehly but it fizzled out.

“Then other friends joined the band. We lived in a giant house with about 20 people in it — lots of who were musicians. Then it became a jazz, punk and pop band where everyone had these cool different influences and we combined to make The Shambles.”

Gunn reckons it’s hard to put their music into a genre box.

But when pushed: “Dirty funk, pop, high-energy, melodic and funky grooves that will make people move around.”

The set will be a bit of a mix.

“We love playing our own original music for sure. There is something very special about people connecting with something you’ve created from nothing.

“Having said that it is also always fun to play stuff genius people [from] around the world have made. There is a lot of fun doing your own thing with it, playing around with it and making it different, as opposed to trying to copy a cover. You can use it as inspiration to make something different.”

The boys are currently writing a new record after the success of Hungry Planet.

No name has been confirmed but it’ll likely be four tracks.

There’s no set formula in coming up with the tracks and Gunn says all four of them work together on the polished number.

Feehly and Francis also play in Soaked Oats with Oscar Mein and Max Holmes.

The foursome is first up tomorrow night.

Frontman Mein describes himself as a happy vocalist.

He’s also enjoyed a tipple or two at The World Bar and reckons it’s going to be a crazy night.

“A bit of a rave really — we tend to go a bit mad when it gets to that point of the evening. Expect nothing and be surprised, I guess.”

World Bar 21st Birthday Party. Friday, Calico 4pm, Soaked Oats 10pm, The Shambles 11pm, DJ Jack 12am. Saturday, Dolittle 9pm, DJ Spell 10.30pm, Stubacca 12.30am. Sunday, Midnight Express 4pm, DJ Mad 10pm.