Take care with last-minute promises that contradict three years of “proven leadership” dominated by a growth agenda. There is an alternative.

I’m the mayoral candidate capable of delivering a council where unbridled growth is brought back under control, long-standing community values are brought back to decision-making, social and environmental values balance economic objectives, and council governance is open once again to respect and inclusiveness.

Support for me means:

  • withdrawing the application to pollute our waterways until 2055
  • starting fresh on airports by holding an Airports Summit to bring community voices to the forefront of planning
  • opening QLDC records to public access, strengthening district communities’ governing roles
  • collectively obtaining the best possible visitor levy to help fund infrastructure

I believe better sequencing of developments is needed to avoid the council pushing people out of housing and into the arms of charity. The same risks face community groups threatened with displacement by bad planning. This year over $13 million was found for an unplanned luxury property purchase and $56m dumped into the pockets of consultants – all this should have been deployed on real priorities.

Urban/rural boundaries need stronger protection to check the carpeting of rural landscapes in suburban sprawl. Stronger incentives should be applied to moderate the diversion of housing stock away from residential use. Houses should be for people who want to live in them.

Public transport services still need improvement in Queenstown and rolling out in Wanaka. Wanaka needs to receive its share of investment in active transport alternatives.

The district’s greenhouse gas emissions must be measured as a top priority. Low-emission public transport vehicles should be rewarded. Micro-power should be generated off methane emissions at dump sites. Building consents should incentivise low carbon footprint technology and design. Trees need replanting where we take out old ones and wilding pines.

Community-led solutions are needed for water and sanitation challenges from Glenorchy to the Upper Clutha and council should avoid undue costs being imposed on our smaller communities. Assisting them helps protect waterways for everyone.

Don’t be afraid to support new ideas. Vote for a brighter future, vote Nik. Visit and Facebook Nik Kiddle for Mayor.

  • Kiddle declined the opportunity to be interviewed on video.