Glyn Lewers: Why I’m standing for Queenstown



We live in a special and unique part of the world, which we all want to see preserved and enhanced.

The current growth we are experiencing is challenging our place and our values. Our place is being challenged environmentally; our friendliness and welcoming nature that we value is being challenged by the strain being placed on our infrastructure.

The way through this, I feel, is by managing the growth to our needs and delivering on our infrastructure deficit.

I value listening, learning and engaging with the community. I am the chair of the Frankton Community Association, a board member of Destination Queenstown. I am also involved with the Wakatipu Junior Rugby Club, starting out coaching in the rippa grades to now just completing a season with the under-10s. I am currently an Engineering New Zealand ambassador involved with aiding teachers to enhance the teaching of science, technology, engineering and maths.

I value economic growth as a positive aspiration; it is one of the United Nations’ sustainability goals as long as it is sustained and fully inclusive.

Queenstown can achieve this goal by fully implementing its 10-year infrastructure plan. This is the main reason I have decided to put forward my candidacy. With my surveying and civil engineering degrees, I believe I have the knowledge to make informed decisions on your behalf and see infrastructure delivered.

The other main issue for me is the proposed noise boundary expansion by the airport. Over the last year I have listened to and engaged with the resident community, along with business members and the tourism sector.

The themes I have consistently heard over the proposal are: the negative effect on our way of life, the increased tourism angst by the community, a restriction on our property rights, and the potential to detract from the visitor experience. The community that I have learned from see the airport as an asset that is worth keeping in its current location. If elected to council, my position will be that any expansion to the airport’s noise boundaries is not viable, while keeping the airport in its current location is a community asset.

My partner and two boys made Queenstown home to be with our family, and enjoy the lifestyle that Queenstown has to offer. I am committed to protecting this way of life for all residents, now and into the future.