Boozy assault on female flattie


A Queentown’ers got to spend the next 20 months on home detention, if he can find a suitable address, after he seriously assaulted his female flatmate in May.

Ashley Alan Rowlands, 33, was on the booze at home with the victim on May 12 when a minor argument escalated.

Ultimately Rowlands whacked her in the head with a bottle, causing a 2-3cm cut near her left eye — that left a piece of glass embedded in her eyelid — and a cut on the bridge of her nose.

The victim ran to a lower level of the property and called a friend who called the cops.

When they arrived Rowlands refused to open the door so they could check on his victim.

After a lengthy negotiation, he rescinded and let them in.

His flattie was later taken to Lakes District Hospital and had to get four stitches to both her eyelid and forehead.

Rowlands later admitted a charge of wounding with reckless disregard after a sentencing indication earlier this year.

Rowlands has a lengthy criminal history of violence and alcohol abuse.

It’s seen him before the courts in 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

He appeared in Queenstown’s court last Monday in front of Farnan by AV link from the clink, where he’s serving time for other offending.

Farnan gave him a 15% discount, taking his term of imprisonment to 20 months.

She also granted him leave to apply for home detention and put in place post-release conditions for six months, including intervention for addiction.