‘X-factor’ footballer pulls pin on Rovers



A star Queenstown Rovers footballer nicknamed ‘the king’ has hung up his boots after 12 years.

A centre forward or striker, Carlos Herrman, 36, says he’s retiring as ‘‘I’m just getting a bit old and just physically it’s getting a bit hard to keep up with the younger boys training twice a week and playing in the weekend and travelling and stuff’’.

He’s also been picking up too many injuries — ‘‘I used to be a bit tougher back in the day’’.







Long-time Rovers coach Jamie Whitmarsh says Herrman’s retirement is ‘‘a massive loss for us’’.

‘‘He brings an ‘x’ factor.

‘‘He’ll never win any awards for speed in terms of a foot race, but he will win many for speed of thought, the sort of intelligence between his ears is what enables him to do things a lot of other people can’t do.

‘‘With a Brazilian footballing background, he’s got that flair that invariably they just seem to be born with.’’

Whitmarsh says he’d have possibly played at a higher level if he lived in a big city because of what he brings.

‘‘He’s got that sort of stickability, when the ball comes up to him, to really hold on to it, even when he’s got one or two people trying to get it off him.’’

He’ll also be a big loss off the field, Whitmarsh says — ‘‘he’s like a really good role model for some of the younger players, he’s very, very free with his advice and time’’.

It’ll now be up to younger Rovers players to step up to the mantle, he adds.

Herrman’s also played futsal for Football South for about 10 years and is the national league’s all-time leading goal scorer.

He’ll probably carry on with this sport, he says — ‘‘that’s a bit less intense as in travelling and stuff like that’’.

Herrman says his highlight with the Rovers has been the friendships he’s made with fellow players, ‘‘and the commitment that some of the people have with the club, like Jamie and Hendo [former coach Steve Henderson]’’.

‘‘We’ve had good days and bad days but you only remember the good ones.’’

● Rovers’ first game of the season is against Dunedin’s newly-formed South City Royals FC at Queenstown Events Centre this coming Saturday.