Peak hopes dashed



For the second year running, Queenstown’s Peak to Peak’s been canned.

Event organiser Adrian Bailey says the final nail entered the coffin on Monday during the
government’s latest announcement.

The event — which this year attracted a record 500 entries — can only run under Alert Level 1.







Bailey says that’s in part due to the number of participants, but because of the high volume of transitions in a short distance ‘‘we just cannot logistically coordinate things for the event to take place under Alert Level 2’’.

‘‘It is what it is, at the end of the day, and the health and safety and wellbeing of  everybody far surpasses anything else, but it’s just a real shame.

‘‘We’ve just got to abide by the rules and regulations and, without sounding blunt, we’ve just got to get on with it, but it is gutting not to be able to host it, it’s such an awesome event.

‘‘From peak to peak, it’s not your everyday challenge, and people spend a fair amount of time over the months leading up to it training for something like this.

‘‘I’m gutted.’’

Bailey says 75% of each entry fee’s been refunded — the remainder covers costs incurred, irrespective of the event running.

He’s hopeful, though, Peak to Peak will be back for 2022.

‘‘I’d like to think … with what’s going on with people getting vaccinated and new measures being implemented so we can adapt across the board, there is going to be change for the better, so one can only — fingers and toes crossed — hope for the best.’’