Proud to represent: Megan Duncan, left, and Audrey ‘Drey’ Tendron at the INC Oceania champs in Melbourne last month

Two Queenstown bodybuilders are stoked with their recent performances on the international stage.

Representing New Zealand at the super-competitive INC Oceania champs in Melbourne, Megan Duncan, 32, was fourth in classic
figure, scoring a podium finish for a top-five placing.

Fellow local Audrey ‘Drey’ Tendron, 33, didn’t place, but was still thrilled with her performance in a large field.

Duncan says she’d been aiming to podium in the figure category in which she also picked up silver in the ICN nationals in Hamilton a week

‘‘It was a tough line-up, so I was happy to walk away with something.’’

She took up the sport early last year and also qualified for the 2022 Oceanias, but skipped them for a pre-planned trip home to Scotland.

As promised, she’s now retiring — ‘‘never say never, but I’m definitely going to take some time off and focus on my business and life and just get back to normal for a while, I think’’.

The sport, which requires a very strict diet, ‘‘takes over your social life, you really have to eat and breathe the whole process’’.

Duncan says she also enjoyed being on stage at the same time as Tendron in the sports category comp, even if they didn’t place among almost 20 competitors.

Tendron, who’s in her first year competing, says the Oceanias were ‘‘an amazing experience’’.

‘‘It was a very hard competition, with insane athletes, but we are both super-stoked with the package we brought to the stage.’’

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