Oh heli not enough entries


The Queenstown organiser of an extreme downhill mountain bike race has changed his original event plans due to low entry numbers.

Greg McIntyre hoped to pull off his second annual heli-bike challenge on the Dunstan Mountains this Saturday but there weren’t enough riders signed up.

Only 17 people paid $195 each to enter the 14km-long race, which starts 1700m above sea level. McIntyre needs more than double that number of entrants because the cost of hiring the choppers is so expensive, he says.
“It wasn’t quite enough to beat my threshold so I was like, no, I’m not going to do it.

“People say ‘we’re going to enter three days ahead’, and I’m like, tough. I’m not a charity.

“It’s a shame. I probably won’t be doing another one.”

However, McIntyre, who owns Fat Tyre Adventures, is still holding a heli-bike ride for his paid-up entrants on Saturday – but they’re not flying as far.

“I promised I’d do a good-value heli-bike ride. They bothered to pay so I’m going to deliver on that,” he says.
“It’ll be at a secret location.”