New vroom: Incoming Queenstown Car Club president Anthony Te Tau, left, with his predecessor Stuart Maclean and the latter's Nissan 370Z sports car


A new president’s been handed the steering wheel of the Queenstown Car Club.

Anthony Te Tau, 34, has taken over from motorsport legend Stuart Maclean, who co-founded the club in 1972.

A mechanic with Macaulay Motors, Te Tau was introduced to motorsport by service manager and club committee member Simon Jones about five years ago.

This past year, ended August 31, he won the overall club championship and Class D title in his ‘91 Nissan Pulsar 4WD.

Maclean, who’s been president for the past few years, says ‘‘it’s great to see Ants stepping up and taking over”.

“The more young people you get, the more who follow, whereas my age group, they’re putting their toes up and looking at television at night.’’

The club currently has 73 members with 53 of them having competed over the past year.

It runs mostly autocross events, on grass, but at least once a year gets to burn up Invercargill’s Teretonga track and Cromwell’s Highlands.

The car club’s most well-known event is the Coronet Peak Hill Climb, which goes back to the club’s first year — it’ll next run on November 28.