It’s wheelie fun


Get ya skates on.

This Sunday Queenstown Roller Derby’s holding its Christmas scrimmage — but the organisers are hoping to attract a few more players so they can have a full team, regularly.

Kate ‘Miss Jellyfish Stings’ Robinson says since the league set up here in 2014 they’ve struggled a bit with numbers, partly due to the transient nature of the resort.

“At the moment, I think we’ve pretty much got a solid, local seven [players], but that fluctuates depending on the season.

“Obviously in winter there’s more people around who turn up and get in touch … we build up numbers and then they might only be here for winter and leave, and the same thing happens in summer.”

Robinson says, ideally, they need 15 players for a team, with five in the thick of it for two minutes at a time.

“We’ve managed to pull together teams for two home games that we’ve played against Dunedin, and we’ve also managed to pull them together for away games — we’ve gone as far away as … Taupo and Whanganui, so we’ve done well, considering.”

This Sunday they’ll play “short track roller derby”, which involves less people, but still gives
the skaters — who each have pseudonyms — the chance to play.

If enough people turn up there’ll be a full 60-minute game.

It’ll also give the newest recruits a chance to practise their skills — Robinson says a few ladies are “fresh on skates within the last month”.

“It’s a full-contact sport.

“We’re fully padded up — we wear helmets, mouthguards, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads and … impact shorts and stuff like that as well when we play an actual game, just to prevent injury as much as possible.

“[It’s] just like any other contact sport, although the rest of them aren’t played on wheelie-shoes.”

Team Tinsel will play Team Candy Cane at the Events Centre from 6pm this Sunday.

Anyone’s welcome to come along and watch and, depending on experience, join in, or mail for more info.