It’s a tough job, but


Mountain biking nut Jamie Tilbury spends back-to-back summers working his “dream job” – getting paid to ride. 

The Brit is in Queenstown for his third season as a biking guide and spends our winters in “the mountain bike mecca of the world”, Canadian resort Whistler. 

Tilbury, 27, says although Queenstown’s got a long way to go before reaching the same status as Whistler, its popularity as a biker’s haven is already on the rise. 

The guide for Vertigo Bikes says rumours are already flying overseas about Skyline Enterprises opening up their Queenstown cableway to riders. 

“A lot of people I’ve spoken to in Whistler have heard about the gondola opening up and are asking if it’s the place to go,” Tilbury says. 

The riding devotee pedals up Skyline on an almost daily basis and says gondola access will allow a lot more time for riding, though he still plans to head up under his own steam as well. 

Does he ever get sick of year-round summers? 

“Winter just gets in the way,” Tilbury says.