In training: Queenstown Gaelic football players at a recent practice


Queenstown’s Gaelic football social league is up and running for another summer.

Organiser Claire Murphy says about 40 people showed up for a basic skills night last week, with the first competitive games held on Wednesday night.

The seven-week series, which is being held at the Rec Ground on Wednesdays from 6.30pm, will culminate in an end-of-season tournament on December 8.

Now in its third year, the league attracted about 60 players last year, but numbers are down a little so far ‘‘with Covid causing people to move away from Queenstown’’, Murphy says.

Most similar to Australian rules football, the social league has no tackling, she says.

‘‘It’s competitive, but not scary-aggressive.’’

The league usually sends men’s and women’s teams to play in two national tournaments each year.

Murphy, who’s from the United States, reckons about two-thirds of the players in the social league are Irish, but like all things Queenstown, it attracts players from a wide range of nationalities.

“We always have the most international teams of all the teams competing at the tournaments.”

To join the league, get in touch via the ‘Queenstown Gaels’ Facebook page, or turn up at the Rec Ground on Wednesday nights.