Biding his time: Rob Horrocks


Auckland Covid restrictions are putting a spanner in the works for Queenstown martial arts star Rob Horrocks.

The 32-year-old was due to tackle Taranaki’s Travis Schwitzer in the final of the 64kg Apex Muay Thai Warrior Series in Auckland this month — for a winner’s purse of $9000 — after winning his semi-final on May 1.

The fight’s been put off to either November 20 or December 4.

Horrocks doesn’t think it’d be held out of Auckland if that city’s Covid problems persist.

‘‘This is the first final of the Apex Muay Thai Warrior, so for it not to be held in its home  gym I think would be out of the question.’’

Though the delay’s meant coming down from a peak, the Fight Science head coach and Industrial Fitness Gym GM says ‘‘I always maintain a high level of fitness and strength,
anyway, and I’m just ticking over with pad work and everything and sparring’’.

‘‘I mean, my kind of ticking over is probably a lot of people’s fight camp [level].’’

The break, at least, has allowed him to recover from injuries, how ever he’s now seeing if he can squeeze in ‘‘a quick scrap’’ before the final.

Though obviously frustrated by the long delay, Horrocks says ‘‘in the grand scheme of  things it’s just such a small-fry thing when people are losing their businesses and there’s all
sorts of struggle going on’’.

“I’ve just got to be happy I’ve got my health, I’ve got my job still, and everything.”