Beer over breakfast for the big game

Spurs fan Lee Maynard, left, and Liverpool fan Thabit Ayoub

There’ll be plenty of tears, cheers and more than likely a few beers among Queenstown football fans when two English heavyweights go head-to-head in the Champions League final this weekend.

Many resort pubs are expected to be packed with punters watching Tottenham Hotspur take on Liverpool at 7am on Sunday, NZ time.

For die-hard Spurs fan Lee Maynard, 25, getting up at all hours of the night to watch his team play has been challenging.

“I have to kind of muffle my celebrations because my girlfriend’s asleep next to me,” he says.

The Big Fig duty manager is from Northampton in England, but his family is from London.

“I was in my first Spurs kit at six months old.”

He calls Spurs’ semi-final win over Ajax “the most incredible feeling” he’s had as a football fan.

“I had my head in my hands, I couldn’t talk, I was crying.”

He’s planning on heading to a pub to watch the match. And if Spurs pull off a victory?

“I don’t know how I’ll react, I’ll probably be drinking all day.”

Hoping Maynard’s dreams will be crushed is Liverpool fan and Queenie’s Dumplings restaurant manager Thabit Ayoub.

The 37-year-old Welshman has supported Liverpool ever since the days of Welsh striker Ian Rush.

He’s feeling “pretty confident” about their chances on Sunday.

“Spurs always give us a decent game, but we usually come out on top when we play them.”

He hopes they’ll be able to lift the European Cup, after coming heartbreakingly close in the English Premier League.

“We’ve had our best season ever and we’ve got nothing to show for it.”

Ayoub reckons he’s become “more of a fan” in the 11 years he’s lived in New Zealand, because he has to put more effort into catching the games.

Naturally the pair are backing their own teams to win. Maynard reckons the final score will be 2-1 to Spurs, while Ayoub’s picking 3-1 to Liverpool.