So quick: Angela Waters finishing last Sunday's Christchurch half marathon in less than 1 hour 20 minutes


A Queenstowner’s run a scorching sub-1 hour 20 minute half marathon to showcase her phenomenal talent.

Angela Waters, 28, finished third-fastest female in last Sunday’s Christchurch half marathon, out of 572 female runners, in 1:19.28sec.

She was just a minute behind winner Katherine Camp and 47 seconds behind runner-up Hannah Oldroyd, whom she led at one stage.

Waters says at the finish-line she was ‘‘very sore but just really happy’’ — she won $500 as well as a medal for her efforts.

Her plan had simply been to beat her previous best time, 1:25, set in Dublin, Ireland, two years ago.

‘‘It came as quite a shock to shave off six minutes.’’

She says she chose to run the Christchurch race because of its flat course ‘‘to see where I really am’’.

But even allowing for that, and perfect weather on the day, local athletics coach Neville Britton says Waters’ time proves she’s an elite runner ‘‘by any standard’’.

‘‘Any woman that runs under 1:20, that’s up there with the best.’’

A former Aucklander who’s lived in Queenstown for almost two years, Waters says she’s dabbled in many different long-distance races, including a 110km ultra run in Croatia where she finished fourth.

‘‘But for some reason I’ve been sticking to half marathons for the last two years.’’

To put her time into context, the fastest woman in last year’s Queenstown half marathon finished in 1:28.09sec, admittedly on a harder course.

Waters — whose coach is based in Italy — has yet to run the event.

‘‘I’ve always looked at it, but when it’s on your back doorstep it’s something you can run  every day anyway.

‘‘But one day, hopefully.’’