Signing up for the environment: Kevin Wakeling and Dee Molnar


New Zealand realtor Tall Poppy’s rolling out eco-friendly solar-powered LED ‘for sale’  signage following an initiative adopted by its Queenstown branch.

The signs comprise reusable alloy cases with biodegradable paper inside them, replacing the non-recyclable corflute plastic signs used by most NZ realtors for generations.

The idea was sold to local Tall Poppy agent Dee Molnar by the company’s Queenstown/Central Otago photographer Kevin Wakeling who, in another environmental initiative, drives an electric Tesla company car.

He in turn was introduced to the sign by Dunedin-based Live Sign founder Wayne Magee, who produces them.

‘‘It’s definitely a game-changer’’, Wakeling says, ‘‘with all the concerns out there with  plastic waste and things like that.’’

Molnar adds: ‘‘Kevin and I have always worked really hard on presentation for properties, so when he came to me with this, it was next-level — and having Queenstown as the first place for the roll-out is super-exciting.’’

She adds it fits in with Tall Poppy’s goal to be carbon-neutral by 2025.

Company operations boss Michael Cummins believes the real estate industry’s ignored or downplayed its environmental impact for too long — ‘‘now is the time for us all to step up
and do our bit to look after the environment’’.

Being solar-powered, the signs can also be illuminated at night.