Walkers put feet up



After almost four months walking the length-of-New Zealand Te Araroa Trail, a Queenstown teaching couple temporarily pulled stumps, or rather sticks, at Tekapo last Saturday.

Ken McIntyre, 60, and his wife Susan, 57, aborted their walk to return to school this week — Ken to Wakatipu High and Susan to Queenstown Primary.

Ken says they’ve had a fantastic experience.







‘‘We’ve seen places and met people and done stuff that most people wouldn’t do and, luckily for us, our bodies sort of stood up to it OK and just got better and better.

‘‘We need some new wardrobe, now, because the sizes have gone down.’’

Ken says ‘‘we weren’t sure we would get to Tekapo ‘cos we had some bad weather and we got stuck at Mesopotamia Station for a couple of days with high creeks and rivers, but eventually we found another way through’’.

The couple will now tackle the Tekapo to Queenstown section during their next school holidays, then complete the last gruelling leg to Bluff next Christmas holidays.

As Ken has said before, ‘‘some people say teaching’s a really hard job, but one of the best things about it is you have holidays’’.