Unofficial walk replaces pulled Pink Ribbon one



Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s pulled the pin on its annual Queenstown Pink Ribbon Walk — but an unofficial event’s going ahead anyway.

The walk raises funds and awareness and celebrates breast cancer survivors but it was cancelled late last week due to a lack of ticket sales.

However, resort resident Carly Henderson’s planning on carrying on with the walk tomorrow anyway.

Both her mum and sister are breast cancer survivors, and after she found out the official Pink Ribbon Walk was canned, she put a call out on social media to see if anyone was still keen to do it anyway.

Henderson says she had a ‘‘fabulous’’ response and expects quite a few people to turn up on tomorrow morning to walk for the cause.

Anyone interested in joining in can meet, dressed in pink, at the Queenstown Gardens before the walk starts at 11am.

Meantime, anyone who bought tickets for this weekend’s Queenstown walk can use them instead to walk in Christchurch’s event next Saturday.