Cheers: Fluid creative director Bex Coutts, graphic designer Becca Newman and brand strategist James Cummings with Cargo Brewery's Graham Kinley


Wild business ideas dreamt up in lockdown and discussed over a beer between mates have the chance to become a reality, thanks to a new competition.

Brand recognition company Fluid’s partnering up with Cargo Brewery to realise somebody’s ambitious lockdown pipedream.

Creative director Bex Coutts says it’s about finding the next AJ Hackett and giving a chance to “those crazy ideas”.

“Now that the bomb has gone off [Covid-19] our whole world has changed and it’s time to make a difference, what are we going to create for our future?”

The Fluid team thinks the best way to get tongues wagging is over beers, so they’ve worked with Queenstown’s Cargo to develop a special IPA called C-Bomb.

“Great ideas always happen over beers,” says brand stategist James Cummings.

“We’re after innovative ideas that will actually give back to Queenstown.”

To enter the competition, budding entrepreneurs have to post their outlines on Facebook or Instagram, tagging their post with ‘#CBombComp’.

Or, if they’re a bit shy, they can just direct-message Cargo or Fluid.

Entries close on June 7 and Cummings says Fluid will hold a workshop, worth $2000, for the winner at Cargo’s Waitiri Creek venue to “identify the idea, get to the core of it and work out how to get it made”.

Cargo general manager Graham Kinley says the brewery’s focus is on sending out positive messages during Covid-19.

“I love this idea, there are probably some people out there in Queenstown who have come up with fantastic ideas over lockdown and don’t have an outlet to maybe test the market and see if they are any good.

“I wonder if we will get some sheepish people, when we do the workshop, with maybe a great idea who would never have said anything to their friends, and would never have said it without this platform, come forward and say ‘I’ll give it a crack and see what happens’.

“We just need that one really cool idea and who knows where it will go?”