Two local breweries are Beervana-bound

Cargo ready for the off: Brewery boss Malcolm Blakey

Two Queenstown breweries are about to make their debuts at New Zealand’s biggest beer festival.

Cargo Brewery and Altitude Brewing are Wellington-bound for Beervana this weekend.

Cargo owner and self-confessed beer lover Malcolm Blakey is taking 16 kegs of booze, that’s 800 litres – although he isn’t sure it’ll be quite enough.

Altitude boss Eliott Menzies is taking 900 litres of amber nectar including a number of specialty blends.

Blakey, who runs the brewery with his wife Meron, has attended as a punter but reckons this trip will be special, pitching it as a coming of age.

“We are still quite young, it is NZ’s biggest beer festival and you have got to be relatively established before you go along to it.

“We waited a few years until we thought we were ready and had enough beers to offer.”

The trip north is two-fold – it also marks the launch of Cargo’s distribution to super-markets across the country.

Until now they’ve only supplied booze to Queens-town’s pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Blakey, originally from Scotland, says a variety of beers will be in store by the end of the month.

Menzies says Altitude will launch several new beers at the festival including a barrel-aged beer, a rum and raisin whiskey stout, a German-style sour beer and a French saison brewed in pinot noir barrels.

He’s stoked with what they’ve produced.

“You want beers that will make a mark on the show and stand out.”